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Panda Dome Essential

ፓንዳ ዶም አስፈላጊ ፓንዳ ቫይረስ Pro ተተክቷል. አሁን አዲስ አስተማማኝ ባህሪያትን እና የእርስዎን ኮምፒውተር ለመጠቀም-ቀላል የሚቀል ጥበቃ ጋር ሁለቱም ጋር እንዲሰጥዎት መሣሪያዎች ጋር የታጨቀ የሚመጣ ነው.


አታሚ Panda Security
Windows 2000, Windows 2012, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 98
ፈቃድ Trial version

ፓንዳ ዶም አስፈላጊ ፓንዳ ቫይረስ Pro ተተክቷል. አሁን አዲስ አስተማማኝ ባህሪያትን እና የእርስዎን ኮምፒውተር ለመጠቀም-ቀላል የሚቀል ጥበቃ ጋር ሁለቱም ጋር እንዲሰጥዎት መሣሪያዎች ጋር የታጨቀ የሚመጣ ነው. ይህ ወዘተ ጠላፊዎች, ቫይረሶች, ተውሳኮች, ትሮጃኖች, ማስገር እና rookits በተጨማሪም የፈጣን መልእክተኛ አገልግሎቶች, እና ድር ጣቢያዎች በኩል የተላኩ ኢሜይሎችን እና አባሪዎችን, ፋይሎችን መከታተል ይችላሉ ላይ መሠረታዊ ጥበቃ ይሰጣል.

አንዴ ከተጫነ በኋላ, እናንተ ቫይረሶች, ስፓይዌር, rootkits, ሰርጎ ገቦች እና የመስመር ላይ ማጭበርበር ስለ መርሳት ይችላሉ. ፓንዳ ዶም አስፈላጊ አማካኝነት የቅርብ ጊዜ ማልዌር ስጋት ላይ እውነተኛ ጊዜ ጥበቃ መዝናናት ይችላሉ. ፕላስ ይህም ደግሞ እንዲሁም የ Android መሣሪያዎች ዋስትና ይሰጣል.

የ በይነገጽ የአሁኑ የደህንነት ሁኔታ እና በተቃኙ ፋይሎች ጠቅላላ ብዛት ይገልጻል አንድ ነጠላ, ዋና መስኮት ጋር ለመጠቀም ቀላል ነው. በተጨማሪም አንተ ስካነር, ወደ ቫይረስ, ኬላው, ማመልከቻውን ቁጥጥር, ሂደት ማሳያ, እና ሌሎች ሞጁሎች መዳረሻ ይሰጥዎታል. ይህም እያንዳንዱ ራሱን የቻለ ሰቅ ሆኖ ይታያል.

ቁልፍ የገፅታ ያካትታሉ:

  • Antivirus protects against virus, ransomware, and malware.
  • Firewall ensures safety from hackers.
  • Safe Browsing protects users while browsing the Internet
  • Process Monitor analyzes your system background processes.
  • VPN allow users to securely access data remotely through public networks.

With Panda Dome Essential you can shop and browse online safely. Thanks to its new real-time protection technology, the new 'Panda Antivirus Pro' is safer, faster and more complete than ever before. With it you can share photos and videos, shop and bank online, read your favorite blogs or simply browse the Web with complete peace of mind and without interruption.

If you want to configure Panda Dome Essential, rather than leave it with the stock configuration that comes as standard, then you can. The app allows you to start your computer in safe mode and disinfect it in critical situations.

Panda Security's Cloud Technology provides an intelligent protection system based on a user community where everyone contributes. Your computer will always be up-to-date and fully protected.

Panda Dome Essential lets you enjoy a new, more modern and intuitive user experience. The interface features tabs from a single window that are easy to navigate. However, the really great thing about Panda Dome Essential is that you don't have to be an expert to use it; it does everything for you. Simply install it and forget about viruses and other threats. The app uses low CPU and RAM while scanning but it can take a long time to carry out scan jobs. That having been said, it does provide good overall results for malware detection and removal. In conclusion, any users who enjoyed using Panda Antivirus Pro will feel comfortable with Panda Dome Essential.